Project Associate @IIT Madras

Centre for Comparative European Union Studies at IIT Madras, is looking for suitable candidate for a Project Associate position that will be available from 1st Feb 2011.

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras) has created a Centre for Comparative EU Studies (CCEUS). The Centre is funded by a research grant from the European Union under the India-EU Study Centre Programme. The Department of Sociology at Sussex University, United Kingdom is the EU partner for the project The two identified focus areas, Globalization and International Relations and Democracy and Development, are further split into the following research tracks. Globalization and International Relations Under the proposed Centre research and teaching Globalization and International Relations Studies will examine: (a) Questions of sovereignty as understood within the framework of regionalism in EU and South Asia. (b) Regional Security Architecture in EU and South Asia in the context of the emerging world order. Democracy and Development Studies Under the proposed Centre research and teaching on Democracy Studies will examine: (a) Multiculturalism and minority politics: Case of EU and India (b) Political Development in EU and India: A Comparative Analysis. CCEUS focuses on Globalization and International Relations and Democracy and Development as its two major thrust areas. These are interlinked in that the political development within democracies and the consensus emerging thereof have a direct impact on reordering of global power structures. A comparative approach provides the research methodology as well as the political perspective in understanding how these issues evolve in politically and culturally diverse areas such as South Asia and the EU.

For more information about the centre please follow this link Interested applicants please send in your CV to Candidates with a Masters degree in Politics, International Relations and other related field of social sciences are encouraged to apply


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