Teach for India Fellowship

Teach For India is a nationwide movement that aims to bridge the educational gap in India by placing outstanding college graduates and young professionals in low-income schools to teach full-time for 2 years. The organization’s mission is to build the movement of leaders who will eliminate inequity in education. Hence, Teach For India’s Fellows are provided with intensive training and support throughout the two years, and are supported to enter the corporate, public and social sectors after their Fellowship so that they become life-long leaders, across sectors, advocating for educational equity. The model is based on an organization called Teach For America, that began close to 20 years ago in the US.

The first batch of 87 Fellows began teaching in June 2009, and Teach For India has received close to 4000 applications for its second batch of 150 Fellows, who will start teaching in June 2010. Those interested in the 2011 Fellowship, or in getting involved with the organization in other ways, can learn more directly at http://www.teachforindia.org. The movement is focused on a common vision, that ‘One day, all children will have access to an excellent education.’


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