Caux Scholars Program – 2011

Exploring Justice: Transitional, Restorative and Indigenous Applications July 3-31, 2011

The cry for justice is being heard from every corner of the Globe. But do we truly understand what justice means? Is justice found in revenge, the shedding of blood, and state-sanctioned or vigilante killing? Is justice found in the formal western legal system with its wigs, witnesses, defense, prosecution, due process and technical precedents? Is justice found in ancient collective healing processes that aim to repair the breach in community relations through restorative rituals? How can we build justice in the aftermath of violence and oppression? How can justice and mercy be held together in our pursuit of durable peace and reconciliation? These and many other questions will be explored in the Caux Scholars Program (CSP) an annual intensive, one-month conflict transformation and peacebuilding institute which has been in existence since ’91. 
The CSP-2011course will focus on the theme of justice. CSP is concerned with understanding and embracing a form of justice that satisfies human need. Beginning with key theoretical underpinnings and a multi-disciplinary approach to concepts of justice, this course will highlight the contemporary applications of justice in current and post-war settings internationally.

Application due March 15th


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