ECO fest @ AMU

Economic week –February 2011.Department of economics, AMU, Aligarh
Zulfiqar Sheth  –

Proposed activities:

Motto – “Taking Economics beyond classrooms…”

Criterion – a) enhancement of knowledge b) fun and exposure
                       c) Everyone’s involvement d) easy to organize

1) Kon banega Kautilya

“Give me some Sunshine, Give me some rain, Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again..”

The participating teams will play the role of economic advisers of the various states of our country allotted to them in advance. They will analyse the current economic policies of their state and discuss on measures to improve the economy of their state. Well, you have to truly represent the state allotted to you; that could mean behave like them and speaking a bit of the native language too!
No. of Members per team: 5 , Duration of Presentation: 10 +5

2) Classic coins collection

“Amber ka chand Zameen par, Itra ke gaa raha, Ek tim tim toota tara, Ithla ke gaa raha”
The coins Exhibition will include a wide range of coins of different countries. (More than 300 coins – collection of Mr Aaamir khan -MA (P) student).

3) Shara’rat (Cartoon making )

“Kandhon ko kitabon Ke bojh ne jhukaya – Likh likh pada hatheli par, Alpha beta gamma ka chhaala- Concentrated H2so4, Ne Poora Poora bachpan jala daala”
Topic – Inflation – “HAYE MEHGHAY NE MAAR DALA”
Students can use this platform to express their concerns over rising inflation through creative and humourous cartoons.

4) ECO Buddy

“Desh ke ghav pe marham jaisa hai woh… Hamara Budding economist hai woh!”
Students have to submit Reports and make Presentations on any one of the topics.
Team- 3 members, Duration – 6+1

5) Cut – copy – paste

“ chalo nakal kare…”

Students have to submit recent paper cuttings, photographs, cartoons etc. from newspapers and magazines on the Migration, child labor, poverty, sustainable development, Gender bias, longevity, education and money. These have to be pasted on A4 size foolscap sheets.

6) EKNOMIX……its… Rockin’…”””””??

“Gungunati hain yeh hawayein, Gunuunata hai gagan, Gaa raha hai yeh sara aalam Economics ke gunn”

Tired of the same old lectures on Economics… ever wished Eco classes were as interesting as your favourite song… well here’s your chance to make economics more fun… Prepare your own economics song and we’ll offer you the mike to sing out loud!!! These songs could be on economists like Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Marshall or on economic terms like Demand and supply, diminishing marginal utility, elasticity of demand, inflation etc. etc.

7) ECO ECHOES (Dumsharad ) : Based on economists and their theories

8) “Eco”wood (economics in motion) : Documentaries, movies on economics

9) Salam Economist

This event is a tribute to all great economists and their enormous contributions to the subject. The event aims to familiarize with these great minds, their theories, their way of thinking and the real motivations that keep them ticking! Participants will be asked to present glimpses of the economists ( names will be given in advance)

10) Mock Stock

Here is a make believe stock exchange whose SENSEX will move as per your buying and selling of scripts. At closing time the winner will be declared by identifying the investor with the wisest head on his shoulders. (Rules and sensex will be explained in detail to the participants)

11) Workshops – seminar series

Topics – Art of handling criticism, ABC of Islamic banking, Black money and its impact on our economy, Inflation vs. Banking system , ABC of stock markets, How to write a research paper, synopsis, Statement of purpose, Abstracts etc, Fellowships and scholarships opportunities in economics, summer Internship opportunities, The Indian financial system, Budget, Inclusive growth and environment, HDI – a mirror of an economy, approach to prepare competitive exams etc .





 Miss Reem Ashraf has taken workshop on “how to write research proposals and synopsis”.

 she also discussed about diffrent avenues after PG in Economics. 

On 19th February, 12.30pm to 1.30pm – Department of Economics,AMU

**Miss Reem ashraf is an M.Phil candidate in Javaharlal Nehru University. she holds PG degree in Economics from AMU.





Date – 21st february 2011. Time- 12.45pm to 1.45pm @ seminar, Department of Economics,AMU. Aligarh.

Top Five Rank


First Rank



Theme – Slum dwellers

Team – Talat, Shazia Lubna and Deeksha


Second Rank


 Theme – Sustainable Development

Team – Qamar,Erum,Shagufta and Jariff



Third Rank


Theme – Human Development Index

Team – Nooria,Essma,Saman and Yunus.



Fourth Rank


Theme – corruption

Team – Sabreena, Hamna, Mubasharah and Reshma.


 Fifth Rank



Theme – Unrevalling the India

Team – Ananya, aarti, Deepsi and Saifi.


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