Foreign Education bill – An evaluation

A critical insight towards the issues of inclusion and meeting the demand supply gap in higher education.

By Reem Ashraf *

1.  Introduction: Reflections on Higher Education in India

 2.  Education – a need or a luxury

3. Foreign Education Providers in India to Supplement the Demand Supply Gap:A critical insight

4.  Issues of Inclusion

5. Conclusion

Download Full Text – education in india


* Miss Reem  Ashraf (Former secretary of  Economic Society of Aligarh Muslim University) is Research scholar in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New delhi. She is doing her research on Education System.


3 thoughts on “Foreign Education bill – An evaluation

  1. higher education is white elephant. foreign university is not coming for “daan- punya” this is whole bloody industry and there is no place for poor here. Ms Reem has dealt it very good way but what she says about revival of our old education system like – ashram and our traditional root of learning? why there is consideration of foreign Universities? here we are producing enough unemployers (considering lack of opportunities) then how these universities help us our brotheren to do national service where there are investing huge life long saving to attain education? why author has not given cost benefit analysis?

  2. congratulations for your work. I think there are plenty of universities in India. why sud we welcome foreign universities ? we should find out some way to revive our education system. we need reform in our education not transfering our burden.

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