An Appeal from Economistindia

To Buy Land For Orphanage/Shelter Home At Aligarh

Dear friends and well wishers of UDAAN Society !!! I am writing all of you this personal message on behalf of UDAAN Society to support the cause. – 
Gyanendra Mishra, Project Leader and President 
UDAAN Society

Udaan Society of Aligarh under the leadership of Mr Gyanendra Mishra working on projects related with children issues. In india where lots of investment are made for  education and to develop human resources, still orphan children are an issue for rehabilitation. It is mostly because of these children do not get any benefit from govt agencies and schemes because they do not have a house to live. They reside on Railway station, Bus station and public places like parks where they usually takes wrong line and in this way their innocence and creativity dies. A future doctor, engineer or business man becomes bully, goon or criminal. This is most vulnerable group and we can’t escape from our responsibility.

Economistindia kindly appeals to its knowledgeable and sensitive readers to promote this project which is posted on GlobalGiving website under the Global open challenge. (

 Thanks – Team Economistindia

 (More Information about Project )

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Aligarh with a population of 36 Lakh is among the biggest districts of uttar Pradesh. With 114 registered slums and 76 unregistered slums in the district the problems related to these is on rise. One of the basic problem is the child care and other child related services in the city and district as a whole. There is no orphanage, shelter home, adoption centre in the district which cater the need of the children and provide services for the protection and care of children.

How will this project solve this problem?

With the opening of the shelter home in the city the children without parents, those residing on railway station and bus stand, street children and rag pickers without home and parents will get benifited.

Potential Long Term Impact

The long term impact of the project will be many. As the children who reside on railway station, bus station, street children faces many type of exploitation as well as harrassment in all walks of life. Even there are children whose parents deny to get them back. All those children will get a space to make their life successful with the opening of orphaage with all the facilities of education, shelter, vocational training and support in medicine etc.



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