Cell phone for soldiers – An Inspiration

Historically man is a selfish animal and driven by a “selfish gene” and of course one of the deadly sin – “Greed” Thus ethics are very new to human and human is yet to acclimatize it. Whenever he finds any opportunity, he reacts as he used to react earlier but now ways of reaction have changed earlier muscle was power now mind is. Earlier he used to fight for survival now he fights for power and supremacy. This is the same gene which drives him to be unique and selfish. There is another nature we have which differentiates us from the animal – that is compassion, cooperation and helping each other.

Above background of human nature will help us to understand Ethics, selflessness, responsibility, compassion and cooperation better. My teacher of business administration recommended a video of cell phone for soldiers ,when I watched video – I found it against I repeat against of the nature and something beyond the human will. Well, cell phones for soldiers and other similar organizations have proved it that man can set any limit and how a selfish animal can also behave like a responsible modern human. I am looking that video more than a business, nonprofit or social service – but an example of the human civilization. An answer to how we (human) grew up from jungle to moon and not became extinct like any other species?? When Robbie and Brittany thought to initiate a project like this they might not have an idea that it will become popular giant and they will win several awards and recognitions. But yes they had a strong will to go against the selfish human nature and a strong commitment to serve humanity. People like their idea and work – I like their approach and will.

We define angel as innocent, selfless, generous and combination of all virtues known to us but we forget about living angels around us. We have set of mind which has a definition and examine people on it. That’s why we are unable to find angels. For me definition of angel is pretty much clear – those they think beyond I, me and my self and work for all humanity. Think why these 12 years old innocent teens got this idea and not so called think tank and self-claimed social entrepreneurs? How they understood the pain of troops at the age of playing? Have you seen a business or organization started by piggy bank? I am not calling them super human but advocating their promptness to understand Human civilization, understanding difference between human and animal and spreading love and empowering people with compassion. They blended conventional compassion and contemporary professionalism together and created wonders out of them. They delivered which is government even failed to deliver. If mission is powered with passion you can set examples like Robbie and Brittany did. They just reminded that we have two things in us- one, a selfish nature and a responsible nature. It depends on us that what drives us and how we manage it.

Their website is functional and well designed. Use of multiple tools for social marketing is also eye-catching. You need only to decide to donate your cell phone; rest will be done by their effective procedures. They have built a well-developed network and won the trust of people. I have donated my old cell phone and thinking to run a drive in school next week.

Zulfiqar Sheth


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