Transitory Capitalism

With the spectacle of the world money melting down for everyone in the world to see, it is becoming obvious that a change in the way late capitalism operates is coming. The controllers will try to keep it going in its present form for as long as they can, but most everyone with a functioning brain can see the writing on the wall.

Here’s the thing… technology has dominated social relations to the point of the absolute necessity for everyone to carry the Mark of the Beast to be able to survive within the Matrix. The Great Lie of the Enlightenment declared that self-interest would provide the thrust for Mankind to reach Utopia has finally been exposed, for Utopia died upon the very altar of Enlightened self-interest that was set up as the salvation of humanity.

Considering that humanity has allowed technological-self-interest to dominate the world to the point of driving it to total collapse, we should view the proverbial ‘shit hitting the fan’ as something to look forward to. I know I am. But what will replace the money-system and the self-interest that supported it?

It is obvious that the level of consumption human beings are inflicting upon the world is unsustainable. Capitalism, especially the late capitalism of the 20th Century, has shown us that increased poverty, exploitation and the annihilation of the ecology from externalities of stateless corporations are all we are going to get out of this deal. It’s time to make a change. As the money systems begins its slow, glacial slide into oblivion (and even though it’s going to take much, longer than we would like to experience), we would do well to consider and begin to put in place something that nurtures us instead of sucking us dry.

By Darryl Thomas


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