Who doesn’t need a little knowledge, doesn’t want a little information? But then who has the time to browse tons of webpages?  For such busy-bees an ahmedabad based NGO  SPRAT has launched a set of short, crisp EIGHT daily and TWO weekly e-zines [electronic magazines] averaging a hundred words each as part of it’s social service initiative.

“click and  subscribe our news letter .You will be automatically subscribed to all these e-zines. Digest for a few days. Then you can unsubscribe what you don’t need. For early birds registration is completely free. You are in time if you are not asked for a credit card!” A SPRAT official said.

Here is what is offered:

(1) Tech-Tips: Daily

– Power Tips for power user of Computers, Mobiles and Office machines [Windows, MS Office, MS Outlook, Internet browsing and mailing, and Mobile usage]

(2) How Things Work: Daily

– Brief explanation of the working behind everyday machines and processes

(3) Today’s Quote: Daily

– Presenting inspirational, motivational and witty quotes that provoke reasoned rethink

(4) This Day Yesterday: Daily

– Explaining a major historic event impacting human life that occurred this day in the past

(5) Today’s Hero: Daily

– Introducing the scientist, explorer, inventor.. born this day, and the significance of his / her work for humanity

(6) Tip of the Day: Daily

– Creative, rational tips for better everyday living.

(7) Personality of the Week:Weekly

– Profiling a person who has been in Indian news for positive and constructive public welfare activities.

(8) Jargon in the News: Weekly

– Terms explaining a technical term [legal, economic, finance, IT,marketplace etc] that may be current in the news

(9) World Today: Daily

– Events or happenings of the Day occurred in different parts of the World with emphasis on the Indian sub- continent [with news URLs]

(10) India Today: Daily

– Events or happenings of the Day relevant to India / Indians [with news URLs]


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