7th IZA/World Bank Conference on Employment and Development: Policy Forum

At Delhi School of Economics , New Delhi ( November 5 to 7 , 2012)

Joblessness, underemployment, informal, and temporary employment, and insecure working conditions among youth are some of the most challenging economic and social problems facing developing and transition countries. Governments across the globe are struggling to find policies to facilitate school-to-work transitions or transitions out of inactivity or unemployment into productive jobs. Among those young people who are currently employed, the challenge is often to increase the productivity and earnings of the jobs they hold. Labour market outcomes at early stages of one’s career are important determinants of long-term career prospects and success. The global financial crisis (which has affected youth more than other workers) as well as the recent social and political turmoil in the Arab world has made it even more imperative to address the issue of youth employment and the smooth and quick transition from school to the labor market.

This policy forum aims at contributing to the debate about the design and implementation of programs to support youth employment. It will bring together experts and practitioners in the field of youth employment from both developed and developing countries to share experiences and discuss what is known about the impact of alternative interventions. The forum will follow the two days IZA-World Bank annual conference, to be held November 5-6, and will include participants from donor countries, multilateral agencies, and developing country representatives.


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