Marathi-speaking volunteer needed (field research in rural Maharashtra)

Kisan First looking for a volunteer Marathi-speaker to act as translator for an upcoming field research visit to rural Maharashtra (Nasik-Pune region). I am part of a team that is building a social enterprise whose vision is to ift small farmers out of poverty by setting up near-farm small scale processing units and linking them to niche markets. This would be a good opportunity for somebody looking to explore rural supply chains, interact with small farmers, and/or conduct rural impact-driven field research. We will be interacting extensively with the farmers, visiting local markets and coordinating with a local rural NGO.

Some more on us:

Kisan First
Our vision is to end poverty for rural farmers by enabling them to have greater ownership within the food value chain. We increase and stabilize their incomes by installing the infrastructure needed to process crops into higher-value products, selling those products into urban markets, and sharing the benefits with farmers. This is done through a joint venture model in which we partner with farmer-owned entities such as Producer Companies to launch processing units. Our initial focus is helping tomato farmers in Maharashtra process their tomatoes into high-quality processed tomato products and linking them to buyers in Mumbai.

Please email me if interested. –

Thank you,


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