Research Fellow – Call for applications

Research Fellow – Call for applications                  

We invite applications for a Lab Research Fellowship starting September 2013.

Position Summary
We would like the Research Fellow to propose a project, linked strongly to his/her own interests, that would be completed during the course of the fellowship at the Lab. The research areas might include, among others, contemporary Indian lifestyles (including fashion, beauty, food, work practices, leisure and entertainment), living, habitation, migration and changing ideas of home, urbanization and the changing nature of families and other relationships, Indian innovation ecosystems, and Indian communication systems (including the internet, mobiles and other technologies).

The Research Fellow should have earned a PhD degree in a field such as anthropology, media studies, urbanization or globalization studies, and conducted previous research in one or more of the above listed areas.

The Research Fellow will design and conduct an independent research project under the guidance of the head of the Godrej India Culture Lab. This research will be documented and presented in a final report/white paper, as well as on an ongoing basis during the time the Research Fellow spends at the Lab, through regular blog posts, multiple internal and external presentations, the writing of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as publication in scholarly journals.The Research Fellow will write extensively for the Godrej India Culture Lab website, and also solicit, edit and publish a wide range of blog posts from other scholars through his/her academic network, on topics relating to this particular project as well as his/her previous academic work. The Research Fellow will also have the opportunity to curate, organize and host a large conference around the theme of urban India. The Research Fellow is expected to contribute to ensuring the success of this conference.

How to apply
This is a paid position for the duration of one year. Please contact with a proposal about 4-6 pages long with your statement of purpose for the fellowship, your proposed research methods, outputs, outreach, impact and measurement, as well as your CV and research writing samples. Thanks!



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