Africa needs Youth Empowerment says AMU Research Scholar

zulfiqar sheth at Addis Ababa University
zulfiqar sheth at Addis Ababa University

Mr Sheth Zulfiqar, Ph.D Research Scholar of Department of Economics, Aligarh Muslim University  has visited various Educational and Economic Institutions of Ethiopia and Interacted with African students at Addis Ababa University. Zulfiqar, working for his Ph.D under the supervision of Prof Noman Ahmed, is currently on India’s visiting research fellow program.

 During his recent trip of Ethiopia he visited various institutions like Addis Ababa University, National bank of Ethiopia, Ethiopian teacher’s Association, National museum of Ethiopia, Technology University of Ethiopia where he was met by senior staff, faculties and students in a variety of academic departments. He also gave inputs to design impact evaluation curricula that will be taught at  East African institutions.
Interaction with African students -Mr zulfiqar Sheth
Interaction with African students -Mr zulfiqar Sheth

During an interaction with students and research scholars of East Africa’s largest higher education institution, Addis Ababa University,  Zulfiqar has focused on development of the capabilities of women-led organizations in East Africa to be centers of excellence in the delivery of leadership development programs, research and knowledge generation on reproductive health, economic empowerment and girls’ education and to build the research and analytical skills of NGO leaders and academics from developing countries.

Zulfiqar also mentioned that India’s higher education institutions like Aligarh Muslim University are empowering many Ethiopian university students by providing them with international experiences to discover different cultures while having a positive impact in society. He encouraged Ethiopian youth to apply in study India program.”The enthusiasm among young students in Ethiopia towards India showed that Ethiopian youth is looking towards India as a favoured destination for studying and research” he added.

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