Woman with Worth : A tribute to my mother

Image courtesy: http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/mother-and-baby-marie-katra.jpg

 By Arnima Bhargava

“Hard times do not create heroes. It is during the hard times when the hero within it is revealed”- Bob Riley

On International women’s day this year, there is a debate in our country over the status of women and a lot of people from all sections of the society passing all sorts of derogatory remarks about the stature of women. However, I firmly believe there would be an end to such mentality from our society though we have to work really hard for that. It’s the time a woman needs to realize her worth and be a volunteer for her. I am a witness to this change in my own family. My mother has been fighting all odds of the society and creating a niche for herself and a number of women like her to attain a respectable stature in today’s patriarchal society. She was just 17 years old when she got married. Without passing the subtle life of childhood she took all the responsibilities of adulthood but her instincts to serve the community since her childhood did not end here. Her marital life was a struggle in itself but she fought all the atrocities and when she bore her children, she stuck by them through thick and thin making sure that they receive good education to face the world later. Not only did she stood by her family, she simultaneously chased her own dream of being a social worker, a humanitarian, a philanthropist and today she has a recognition in the society. She has been serving people selflessly. I know her life has been difficult, she has faced so much since a young age but still survived and stood against the crowd.

My dear mother you taught me that the patience is an important virtue to learn.  You did not get the life you wanted but you did everything you were eventually supposed to do.  You are an inspiration to me and on this international women’s day, I want you to be an inspiration to millions of young girls out there who face all sorts of barriers each single day and question their existence.

(Author is pursuing M. A. Human Rights from IIHR, New Delhi)

Image courtesy: http://images. fineartamerica .com/images-  medium-large/mother-and-baby-marie-katra.jpg


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